How to Care for Your Apparel

After putting so much pride into your wearables, we wanted to  make sure that you had some helpful tips to keep them looking their best for a long time to come.
Red Wine Sprinkle salt on the stain, ass some water and rub. Put in normal wash as quickly as possible.
Other food or beverage spills Dip a napkin in club soda and sponge the spot.
Ballpoint ink Spray with hair spray, then flush with water. Put in normal wash as quickly as possible.
Tea and coffee with cream Soap should not be used. Garment should be given a cold-water soak, then a normal wash.
Grass or mustard Gently rub liquid detergent into the stain, thoroughly rinse and soak in solution of all-fabric powered bleach and water. If stain does not come out, a solution of liquid chlorine bleach (if it is safe for fabric) may be tried. Garment should then be put through normal wash.
Oil or suntan lotion Gently rub heavy-duty liquid detergent into the stain. Thoroughly rinse and then wash in hot water.
Jellies or fruit juices Soap bars or flakes should not be used as they will set the stain. Using detergent, put garment through a normal wash.
Mud or blood Hot water will set these stains, so it should not be used. Pretreat with enzymes or detergent, presoak in cold water, then wash normally in warm water.
Makeup Dry-cleaning solvent is to be sponged or sprayed on before rubbing gently with heavy-duty liquid detergent for oily or waxy stains. Bleach solution safe for the fabric is used to treat dye stains. Garment is then given normal wash.
Deodorant Apply heavy-duty liquid detergent, then wash in warm water. Aluminum or zinc salt build-ups may be impossible to remove. Note: Clear-gel deodorants can permanently distort color.
Perspiration Apply heavy-duty liquid detergent or soak in warm water with a presoak product for 15 - 30 minutes before putting in a normal wash.
Lead pencil Left excess off with art-gum eraser without hard rubbing. Apply prewash aerosol product and rub in heavy-duty detergent. Rinse in warm water, then put through a normal wash.
Paint, latex (water base) Removal of dried paint may be impossible. Allow to soak in cold water before washing in cool water with heavy detergent. If more than siz hours of drying has occurred, try sponging or spraying with dry-cleaning solvent, then gently rub with heavy-duty liquid detergent. Garment is then put through a normal wash.
Paint, alkyd (oil based) Removal of dried paint may be impossible. While the paint is still wet, rub paint thinner into the stain. Once the paint is softened, use heavy-duty detergent to wash the garment.